Pharaohs SC

Way back on December 23, 1993 Joe, Paul, and Dave had the outrageous idea to start a scooter club not based on fashion. A scooter club based on the common interest in riding scooters and not looking a certain way. It didn’t matter if you were male or female, mod or skinhead. Just as long as you rode one of those smoky two stroke beasts that we all love way too much.

The first meeting was held at Hill Street Coffee House located in Oceanside, California. Joe and Dave brought their P200’s and Paul chose his Rally. From this humble beginning came what is now a national scooter club with all types of motorscooters.

In late 1995 the Pharaohs started a San Diego chapter. Then in early 1997 a Phoenix Arizona charter was formed to be followed by Tuscon Arizona.  From there the club continued to grow and now has chapters all across the US and in Australia.

With chapters in El Paso, Flagstaff, Orange County California, Salt Lake City Utah, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Wisconson, and New Mexico.